Anyone can benefit from the Ionic Spa

I am Karen Saldanha, and I am the owner and manufacturer of the Ionic Spa and my company is Salus Per Aquam (Health by Water).  I bought the company from my partner (Lynn Nelson) and inventor of this incarnation of an Ionic Spa, because I love what it does for me and I never can get enough for what it does for others who use it.SPA Image

Lynn Nelson worked for the original inventor of the ‘Q2’ of which all subsequent models of Ionizers in water were based on.  Lynn decided to make them safer, more powerful, easier to use, longer lasting, and more affordable.  A few years later we met and I worked for him (Lynn is a he), became a partner and here we are today.

Hopefully my manuals will answer a ton of questions for you:

Owner’s manual pages 1-4Owner’s manual pages 5-11, BEFE (Bio Electric Field Enhancer) book, How to Make E-water instruction, and product specifications

You can always call me or email me:        

Karen Saldanha
Salus Per Aquam

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    • Hi Mayra. The Ionic Spa is $595.00 plus $20.00 Shipping & Handling. I am offering free shipping until the end of February. Please feel free to call and ask any question regarding the Ionic Spa. My direct line is 951-273-0801.


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